Stakeholder engagement is a vital component of all stages of Nusantara’s activities. As part of its Community Development Programs, Nusantara aims to create a safety-conscious environment that supports the Company’s vision and is friendly and beneficial to the local community.

We understand that community development and corporate social responsibility are important factors to the success and sustainability of our business, and our involvement with key stakeholders aims to improve the quality of the principal communities that immediately surround the planned operations.

In consultation with the local community, Nusantara and its partners have launched and assisted with social development programs that focus on improving education, health and social well-being of its community partners.

Nusantara has worked closely with local communities surrounding the Awak Mas Project and has initiated community programs on education, on infrastructure projects, such as road rehabilitation and bridge construction, on mosque renovations and on health care programs. Nusantara prides itself on hiring people from the surrounding villages increasing the economic prosperity of the local people.

Nusantara has undertaken socialisation of Company work programs with the co-operation of all local villages surrounding the Awak Mas project.Nusantara believes it is important to include input from the local communities in work programs and in planning of community programs that will best suit the local needs.



Nusantara provides free medical treatment for people in five local villages in the District of Latimojong that surround the Awak Mas Project. Every month nurses travel to the villages to provide check-ups and vaccinations for everyone. This medical program is organized in collaboration with the District Health Office of Luwu, and these medical services are provided free of charge to the locals by Nusantara.


The Company has built and donated a school for the village of Boneposi, located by the Awak Mas Project. The village of Boneposi did not have any school prior to this and parents had to travel some 10km with their children daily to get them to school and back. The official opening was attended by the Regent of Luwu.

Nusantara also built public washroom facilities in four of the villages around the Awak Mas Project. 

Nusantara employs people from the local villages at every opportunity, particularly for infrastructure projects. Many locals were employed to upgrade the bridge and in the overall rehabilitation of the access road to camp.

The Company also constructed a bridge made from concrete at Rantebala Village to upgrade the load capacity of the road and allow for the passing of heavy vehicles. The official opening was attended by the Regent of Luwu.